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What is Same Day Sticker Printing?

If you get stickers printed for your business, you may have come across a service called same day sticker printing. What is this service, and is it worth your while using?

What is same day sticker printing and where to print stickers in Vancouver? — Just like it sounds, this is done by a company that offers to print your stickers on the same day you order them. There is usually a specific time the order needs to be placed by but, as long as you do that, you can guarantee your stickers will be ready to pick up by the end of the day.

What are the advantages of same day sticker printing? — If you have a rush job and need stickers to complete it, then using a company offering same day sticker printing is a distinct advantage. Otherwise, you may have to wait 3-5 days for your normal sticker order to be ready.

Another advantage is that you can think of a quick sticker you would like to use for a promotion, an upcoming fair or conference, or a mailing, and then have that sticker quickly printed up with a same day sticker printing service.

The only drawback to this service is there may be an extra charge due to the time factor. If you need stickers in a hurry, however, they are a wonderful service to use.

Should you use same day sticker printing? — In most cases, you will not be able to get a complicated custom sticker order via a same day sticker printing offer. If this is what you need, therefore, you will have to plan ahead.

If your order is simple, however, and your company would get a benefit from having stickers printed quickly, then using this type of service makes a lot of sense.

Just be sure you look at several companies in your area offering it, and read reviews about each one. Then compare the prices they are charging for a same day sticker printing offer to be sure they are competitive, and that the price you will pay is something you can afford.

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Make Your Products “Pop” On The Shelfs of Vancouver

If you are just starting out, or even if you have been in business, appearances make all the difference in sales. First impressions saldy, can make or break a business. Usually this has to do with service and food, but can also be for the impression, or appearance of a product. You could have a really great product, but if people don’t like the appearance, it will be passed up , for the next product.

How do you get your product noticed? Labels, or stickers is the first thing everyone sees. With so much competition on the market, with any product being sold, it is important to be seen first. Labels can have a certain “mascot” like “Mr. Clean”, or just vibrant colors. Success means designing a vibrant and noticeable label for your product. Once you come up with a design, test critique it, with people of all ages, sex, and culture. This is to ensure it does not insult anyone.

Now you are ready to get labels, or stickers for your product. Many small businesses opt to go it alone, and make there own stickers. There is software for designing your stickers. You can also buy special paper, for printing, and all sorts of color cartridges, for added presentation to the design. Owners will spend hours learning the software, printing out some test stickers, which don’t always come out right at first. They will not be aligned, sized, or colored right. This takes up a lot of time, that could be better spent, promoting your products, and handling orders.



It is much more beneficial and economical to use a professional service, like Vancouver Sticker Printing, for your stickers. Why? First of all they can help you design a decal. Second, they can add much better coloring. It will be more vibrant, and they have more color choices. Your labels can have metallic finishes, which are hard to do by yourself. The most important reason, as mentioned earlier, is the time it takes for owners or employees to do. Time is better spent affixing the labels, and customer service.

Most owners don’t realize the time and energy that is wasted trying to make labels. Not only does it take valuable time away from the business, it may actually end up costing more, in the long run. Tying up your copier with different inks, and paper, can be quite tiresome. Most small businesses do not have multi functioning copiers, and would have to invest in one, which can be costly. Generally, when ordering labels, you can preview it before it is printed. This makes it so much easier than trial and error at your business.

Once you choose your design and order, you are all set. It takes about a week, and your labels are there. Don’t worry, most printers don’t require large orders either. You can get started with a small batch and grow from there. Once you are set up, just reorder, no hassles, no worries, just sell your product! Good luck!

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GPS Tracking For Kids

GPS Tracking For Kids

Today’s world is a scary place with gun violence and abductions everywhere, and this makes child safety of paramount importance. However, even with cell phones and other smart devices knowing where your kids are all the time is difficult. Luckily, there are devices that can help let you know where your kids are 24 hours and 7 days a week.

These GPS tracking devices for kids can in fact fit inside many different items such as pockets, wallets, schoolbook bags, and even shoes. How these devices work is once they are in place and active the devices will emit a signal to GPS satellites. Once this is signal is sent computer or smart device can then triangulate the child’s position. So even if your child’s phone is unreachable, or they have forgotten it, they can still be found at any time. In addition, these mini-GPS devices can be placed anywhere, so even if your child is old enough to drive you can even place one of these within their car. Using these devices will take the guesswork out of where your child is, and where to find them.

These devices can be found at any number of online, and brick and mortar retailers. Most of these devices are about the same size as a PlayStation 2 memory card. You can even get some that look like a simple wristwatch, however, emit a SOS signal to the parent should the child leave a designated area. In the days where safety is a big concern, knowing where your kids are, and the fact that they are safe is the only thing that matters. Therefore, using GPS technology to bring peace of mind is not only logical, but also essential.

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Entertaining Ideas

“Mom, I’m bored…” It’s the phrase that every busy mom hates to hear! Why? Because it means that you have to take a break from whatever it was that you were doing and think up a fun way to entertain the kids. If you’re like most moms, your mind is so preoccupied with other things, it’s just really hard to think of something for them to do on the spot.

You probably know that there are lots of ideas of things that your kids can do when they are bored. Why can’t you think of them when you need them? Now you don’t have to. This blog is so full of ideas that you need to keep it in your number one spot on your list of computer favorites.

A Shopping Mall of Ideas


Our site is the one-stop shopping mall of ideas that are creative, entertaining, and fun. The site has ideas for those gloomy, rainy days where you feel cooped up indoors with nothing to do.

It’s also a place where you can get some ideas to help run off some energy with some adventurous, outdoor fun activities. Are you thinking that you need to get out and about to do some exploring outside of your home and neighborhood? We have some great ideas for that too!

Do you have a few extra dollars in the entertainment fund for the month? Learn about the coolest places to go where you can spend an afternoon of fun. You don’t need to fret if there is no budget for putting together fun activities on a slim or non-existent budget. This site offers you plenty of ideas that won’t break your budget.

Lots of Entertaining Ideas

What kid doesn’t love a theme park? Our site shows you how to find discount coupons and take advantage of special group discounts to make getting to that theme park attainable and affordable.

Are you stuck inside on a dreary day? Pull out some board games, invite some friends or the neighbor kids over to play some games. Ask them to drop their cell phones and electronic games in a box by the door. Set up some card tables and chairs with a different board game on each table. You might even set up a healthy competition with prizes from the local dollar store. Put out some fresh juices and healthy snacks for munching. Find the how-to’s for a successful board game day on the pages of this site.

Perhaps you’ve lived in your town for many years, but do you know the history behind how your town got started? Do you know who first settled in your area or what they did for a living? Learn how to find older locals who remember what it was like to live “back in the day” and set up an interview with them. Teach your kids how to preserve the interview with an audio or video recording.

Have your kids ever had the opportunity to give back? Find out about ways that even the youngest of children can give back by giving a few hours of community service.

You’ll want to stop back daily to check out the stream of new ideas to keep your home a “bored-free zone” every day of the year.

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