069fAre you one of those moms that loves to keep your kids entertained so that they stay out of trouble? Admit it! You’re the mom that really likes being with your kids and doing things with them, but you’ve already done so many things with them that you are running out of ideas.

The founder of this site, Mary Brush, quickly learned that the way to keep her “idea tank” full was to network with other moms, teachers, and day care providers who were also looking for fun ways to keep everyone happy and entertained.

Mary knows that busy moms can easily bring those ideas to life if they just had a place to go that had an infinite source of ideas to choose from. This site was created for moms who are looking for ideas that are categorized as indoor, outdoor, or community events. If you don’t have a budget for entertaining, don’t worry! The site includes plenty of things to do that are low-cost or no-cost.

Visit this site often and create a short list of ideas that you want to try. Start a list of supplies that you need will need and pick them up so that you can pull them together quickly for an impromptu activity.

Your kids will be so glad that you found this site. No more will your kids be complaining that they are bored with nothing to do. Before you know it, they’ll be perusing the site right along with you to make sure that they get to do the things they enjoy.