Advantages of free sites to watch movies and TV shows versus paid streaming services

If you have been watching some of the movies and TV shows you like on free sites that offer them, you may have thought about signing up for a paid streaming service instead.

After all, there must be more advantages to paid streaming services instead of free sites, right?

While there are definitely advantages to paying for streaming services, you may be surprised to know there are advantages to free sites as well.

Privacy — With every streaming service, you do have to hand over your personal information and they do track what you watch. This means a company has access to some of your most personal information and most personal likes and dislikes and, if they want to, they can even sell it.

With free sites, however, nobody knows who you are when you watch specific TV shows or movies. Nor do they have your personal information that they can sell. You can make this even less likely by accessing free sites via a VPN as well.

Faster access to new episodes — While paid streaming services will get many of the TV shows you like, they are often a season or two behind your regular TV stations.

With free sites, however, you will notice they often get the latest episode of a TV series the same day it airs. This allows you access to up-to-date television months before your streaming service will have it.

Unique content — Every paid streaming service has thousands of TV shows and tens of thousands of movies to watch, but they do not have everything.

With free sites, however, if you search enough sites, you will usually be able to find all the shows and movies you have ever wanted to watch and be able to watch them for free.

International offerings — Free sites, such as 123movies for example, tend to be better than paid streaming services when it comes to international movies and TV shows.

Of course, most streaming services have a huge library of foreign films and TV shows, but they do not offer everything. That usually means, if you have a specific film you have been dying to see, you will probably get it on a free site before you will on a paid streaming service.

Updated daily — All streaming services update their libraries several times a month, adding new shows and movies you will want to watch.

Free sites, on the other hand, tend to update daily. This means you will always be able to get access to new movies and shows, as well as the latest shows, every day you access the site.

If you like to be able to access brand new content every day, then a free site is the way to go.

Free sites are free — Of course, the main advantage to a free site is the content is free. This means you will never have to pay a monthly fee, nor spend money you cannot really afford just to watch movies and TV shows.

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