Board Games

Board games aren’t just for kids. Board games can entertain your friends at a party or encourage the family to get together in the evenings. A traditional board game involves a playing surface and pieces that players move around the board. However, many board games are now played using cards or electronic devices.

The History Of Board Games

Board games have been played since ancient times. They likely originated in Egypt and Mesopotamia more than 5,000 years ago. Board games were not always for everyone. Evidence suggests that early board games were only available to the elite and privileged classes. While the lower classes were working, the upper classes had leisure time. They used their free time to play games. Some of them involved small boards. Other games were played on the floor or on the ground.

Eventually, board games found their way across the globe. Different cultures put their mark on the various facets of the games. Pieces were carved out of local materials. The artistic trends of the times were incorporated into the games. Travelers’ Tour Through the United States was the first commercially produced game in the U.S. in 1822. The game required players to correctly guess the name and population of different cities that they landed on as they traversed the board. That’s a challenging task, especially before the internet was invented.


Popular Board Games

Today, there are thousands of different board games. Some of the most widely known include Monopoly, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit. These require some adult knowledge, experience and skill in order to play. Some popular classic kids’ board games are Candyland, Chutes and Ladders and Trouble.

New Board Games

Now, the board game category involves options that don’t necessarily use a board as a playing surface. Some popular games of this type are Cranium, Apples to Apples and Perplexus. Cranium is a party game that lets users show off different skills. They may have to draw pictures, create objects out of clay, spell a word or act out a clue. The makers of Cranium claim that it allows players to use every part of their brain. Apples to Apples is another party game. It’s designed for ages 12 and up. This game requires players to choose the card in their hand that most closely relates to the communal card pulled out in each round. Perplexus is a 3-D maze that’s contained inside a plastic sphere. The user must maneuver a marble through the maze full of obstacles without letting it drop off the path.

Online Board Games

Many websites offer board games that can be played electronically. Some of these are classics like Solitaire, Chess and Monopoly. You can often play with friends or strangers. Many of these games are free to play.

Whether you’re trying to educate the kids or spend time with your friends, you can find a board game that keeps you entertained. Play one of the classics, or find an option that doesn’t require any boards or pieces so that you can play it anywhere.

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