Fitness Watch

A fitness watch is the best way to monitor your health easily and accurately. It helps you measure your vitals, step count, and quality of sleep. The today’s fitness market has many fitness devices, most of which can be superb on tracking. However, among the good ones, we are only looking for the best workout watches and how they rank based on price, features, design, and quality of the companion software. It costs $145.99.

Fitbit Charge HR

The fitness watch is compatible with windows phone, iOS, and Android measuring 20.8x2x2x1 cm. It weighs 22g, has Bluetooth connectivity version 4.0, its battery can last five days and has a 0.7-inch OLED display. The device can auto-detect exercise such as running and cycling although it’s better to adjust it to what you are doing for accuracy. Charge HR will tell you how many steps you have climbed; it has a pulse counter that displays accurate.calorie during exercise, and it has a watch-style strap to make you feel comfortable.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

Samsung made several changes to the wearable line both inside and outside. The move was meant to make the fitness tracker friendlier to an Android operating system. It’s an excellent choice for veterans and newcomers. It has the gorgeous Super AMOLED display. The smart functions and balance of fitness are some of the features that set a standard for other devices. It has a built-in GPS; it works on any android phone, and it costs US$179 making it one of the best fitness trackers.

Microsoft Band 2

The device measures 32mmX12.8mm, weighs 55g, has Bluetooth connectivity version 4.0 and the battery last approximately two days. It is made to provide greater comfort and a better look with its better screen than the first Microsoft Band. Microsoft introduced an optical heart rate sensor, a barometer to measure altitude, and track stairs, GPS, gyroscope, and skin temperature sensor. It costs 199.99.

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