Friv: The Site That Has Become A Gamer’s Paradise

Browser based games have always been one of the “go to” things for young gamers to indulge in. Ask any teenager or young adult right now, and they will probably be nostalgic about the various browser based games they played in their childhood and early teen years. Today, the number of browser based gaming websites has increased considerably since its early days in 2004. One of the more well-known gaming sites that have become hugely popular is Friv. Friv is also one of the most visited browser based gaming sites currently and has been receiving excellent reviews from the players who spend hours on this website. The site is most popular in Brazil but receives a broad audience from all parts of the world. The site is mostly marketed to kids and teenagers to get them interested in the world of online gaming. The site does also see a good number of adults playing them and topping the leaderboards.

Friv has numerous sites, which are sometimes based on the region, and sometimes based on the audience that they try to appeal to. is one of the most popular Friv sites, and also one of the most visited in the list. The site mainly caters to the younger audiences and has numerous games specially designed for them. When one enters the site for the very first time, they are greeted by many tiles of images on them. Even though it’s easy to mistake that for just one large image, each of the individual tiles is clickable and take you to a page of that particular game. It is an incredibly easy way to get to the game you are familiar playing if you have visited the site before. If it is your first time, the chances are that you may have to look around and try a thing or two until you find a game that you like and would want to play. Once you spend some time on the website, it becomes easier to look around and navigate. Each tile that you click will also take you to a page that has the description of the game, and also a brief background of the story that the game was built around. The information here is a good way to know if you would be interested in the game or not.

Another reason why Friv has got so famous these past few years is owing to the incredible variety of games that they have to offer. Users of the site can expect to find almost every kind of genre that one can think of, and play it to their heart’s content. From arcade to racing, from shooters to MMOs, one is sure to find a game that they like among the long list that the site has to offer. Players can also head to the forums to have discussions about the games that they are playing, and also for recommendations from other players. The forums are also a good way to connect with other players and maybe even make a few friends!

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