Is Netflix worth the monthly subscription?

When people look at the streaming service Netflix, they often ask if Netflix is worth paying the monthly subscription. After all, with other ways of watching movies and TV series online, is it worth committing to a set monthly amount on Netflix, or should you use other services?


Netflix is cheap — When you consider the cost of a month subscription to Netflix is less money than it costs to see one movie in the movie theater, yes, it is worth paying for Netflix.


Particularly when you realize you have access to tens of thousands of TV shows and movies for less than one cent per viewing.


Everyone can watch it — It is not just that you can watch anything on Netflix for such a small amount. It is also that everyone else in your family can as well.


This means you can either all sit down together and watch a TV show or a movie, or you can watch what you want on different devices.


Different people can watch different things — What makes Netflix even more worth the money is that different people in your family can watch different things, all at the same time.


This is because Netflix (more on Netflix Gratuit) allows up to three devices to be connected to the streaming service all at the same time. If you want more devices to be able to use it, you can pay for extra access as well.


International viewing — It does not matter where you go in the world, you can watch Netflix just about anywhere. Especially as it is now available in 190 countries.


This means you can begin watching an eight season TV series in the United States, and then continue to watch it while on holiday in Mexico, Austria or Nigeria.


You can download your favorite shows and movies — You can even make sure you have access to your favorite shows and movies when you do not have Internet access by downloading them to your tablet or phone.


That way, you can sit on a train in Austria, or on a plane flying from America to Asia, and be able to watch anything you want to whenever you want. Even without the privilege of Internet access.


Watching in different countries — You can even use your Netflix account to get access in different countries by different members of your family.


This means you can watch your favorite Netflix shows at home in the U.S. while your daughter, who is traveling in Europe, can watch hers in Germany, Switzerland or Belgium. All on the same monthly Netflix subscription and all for the same monthly fee.


A huge number of movies and TV shows — Finally, Netflix has such a large number of movies and TV shows available at any time, there is always something interesting to watch.


They also add new shows and new movies throughout the month, so you are always kept up to date with the latest releases.

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