Make Your Products “Pop” On The Shelfs of Vancouver

If you are just starting out, or even if you have been in business, appearances make all the difference in sales. First impressions saldy, can make or break a business. Usually this has to do with service and food, but can also be for the impression, or appearance of a product. You could have a really great product, but if people don’t like the appearance, it will be passed up , for the next product.

How do you get your product noticed? Labels, or stickers is the first thing everyone sees. With so much competition on the market, with any product being sold, it is important to be seen first. Labels can have a certain “mascot” like “Mr. Clean”, or just vibrant colors. Success means designing a vibrant and noticeable label for your product. Once you come up with a design, test critique it, with people of all ages, sex, and culture. This is to ensure it does not insult anyone.

Now you are ready to get labels, or stickers for your product. Many small businesses opt to go it alone, and make there own stickers. There is software for designing your stickers. You can also buy special paper, for printing, and all sorts of color cartridges, for added presentation to the design. Owners will spend hours learning the software, printing out some test stickers, which don’t always come out right at first. They will not be aligned, sized, or colored right. This takes up a lot of time, that could be better spent, promoting your products, and handling orders.



It is much more beneficial and economical to use a professional service, like Vancouver Sticker Printing, for your stickers. Why? First of all they can help you design a decal. Second, they can add much better coloring. It will be more vibrant, and they have more color choices. Your labels can have metallic finishes, which are hard to do by yourself. The most important reason, as mentioned earlier, is the time it takes for owners or employees to do. Time is better spent affixing the labels, and customer service.

Most owners don’t realize the time and energy that is wasted trying to make labels. Not only does it take valuable time away from the business, it may actually end up costing more, in the long run. Tying up your copier with different inks, and paper, can be quite tiresome. Most small businesses do not have multi functioning copiers, and would have to invest in one, which can be costly. Generally, when ordering labels, you can preview it before it is printed. This makes it so much easier than trial and error at your business.

Once you choose your design and order, you are all set. It takes about a week, and your labels are there. Don’t worry, most printers don’t require large orders either. You can get started with a small batch and grow from there. Once you are set up, just reorder, no hassles, no worries, just sell your product! Good luck!

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